How do I get rid of “other” iPhone storage – FIX!!!!

  • 2 years ago
  • By Danny Thomson

This post is about the steps I took to clear out the unnecessary massive amount of “Other” storage on my iTunes for my iPhone. I did it with a SSH program on my computer and my jailbroken iPhone, I have not tested this with a non-jailbroken iPhone and the computer program such as iMazing.

I will explain the steps you can take to fix this but before you proceed, make sure that you back up your iPhone on iTunes and/or iCloud incase something goes wrong; you should be able to restore it.

Step 1:
Assuming that your iPhone is connected to iTunes and has synced (if not then do it) and you are seeing other storage consuming space. You’ll first need to Uncheck sync music in iTunes.

Step 2:
(Jailbroken iPhone) SSH into your iPhone. If you don’t know how then click here. Navigate this path:
How do I get rid of other iPhone storage – FIX!!!!
/ > private > var > mobile > Media > iTunes_Control > Music

(this was my navigation for my iPhone 6+ iOS 8.1) Could be different for your iOS Version, but you need to find the folder iTunes_Control

(Non-Jailbroken iPhone) Install the iMazing trial software on your computer. What this software does is that it opens your iPhone’s disk in an explorer view allowing you to transfer files. Locate and Open Media Folders from here.

Step 3:
Go to iTunes_Control folder and open the sub folder Music Folder. In this sub folder, you will see a number of sub folders starting with f.

Step 4:
Delete and remove all sub-folders in Music because this is where the files hogging up your Other storage resides.

Step 5:
Now open iTunes and while the music sync is still turned off, sync your iPhone so it can remove all music files, and keep the other content. We will resync music later.

Step 6:
Once it has finished syncing, unplug and reboot the iPhone by holding the home button and the sleep/wake button together until you see the white apple logo.

Step 7:
Now connect the iPhone back and put a check on the sync music option and re-sync the iPhone. This will sync the music back to your phone.

That’s it! Should be fixed now, if you have any issues or questions please comment and let me know.


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